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H.E. Ahmad Hanandeh​

Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship​

Highly accomplished leader, H.E. Ahmad Hanandeh, currently serves as the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship. With a career spanning across logistics, finance, operations, and business development, he has been instrumental in driving digital transformation in his previous role as CEO of Zain Jordan, a leading telecommunications company.

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H.E. Marwan Juma

Kinz Founder

Former Minister of Information and Communications Technology, H.E. Marwan Juma is a pioneering figure in Jordan's IT sector. He is the CEO of Kinz, a leading corporate data provider, and founder of dot.jo, one of Jordan's leading web development houses. His leadership extends beyond business, serving on numerous boards and fostering the tech start-up scene through Oasis 500.

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Mr. Mohamed Al Sharhan

Managing Director at World Government Summit

Renowned for his leadership in advancing the UAE's future vision, Mr. Mohamed Al Sharhan is the Managing Director at the World Government Summit. His extensive experience in sustainable transport, research, and project management has been instrumental in bringing global collaborations and innovative projects to the forefront of government strategy.

World Government Summit
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Dr. Reema Diab

Galaxy Organization for Technology CEO

Dr. Reema Diab, an influential voice in the field of technology, is the founder and CEO of Galaxy Organization for Technology. Her pioneering work focuses on AI, business development, and social impact. Outside her role at Galaxy, she serves as a Senior Consultant with Tesla, making significant contributions to the realm of artificial intelligence and emerging tech.

Galaxy Organization for Technology
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Brig. Gen. Eng. Ayman Al Batran

JODDB CEO & SOFEX Jordan Vice Chairman

Brigadier General Eng. Ayman Al-Batran serves as the CEO of Jordan Design and Development Bureau (JODDB), CEO of Jordan Investment Group (JIG), and Vice Chairman of SOFEX. His focus is on providing innovative solutions to Jordan Armed Forces, security agencies, and international clients. Boasting over two decades of experience in engineering and management, his expertise includes maintenance, HR, resources investment and development, and building inclusive cultures. Brig. Gen. Eng. Ayman holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Mutah University and an MSc in Engineering Project Management from the University of Birmingham.

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Mr. Yousef Amoura

Sager Drone CEO

As the visionary CEO of Sager Drone, Jordan's foremost drone-data services provider, Mr. Yousef Amoura leverages his dual expertise in aeronautical engineering and entrepreneurship. His innovative approach over the past eight years has redefined the drone industry landscape. A distinguished professional, Mr. Amoura's integration of technical skillsets and business development strategies continue to keep Sager Drone at the forefront of its field, solidifying his status as an emerging leader in this industry.

Sager Drone
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Ms. Rasha Manna

Flat6labs General Manager

Ms. Rasha Manna, a seasoned professional with over 22 years of experience, serves as the General Manager of Flat6Labs Jordan. A stalwart in investment banking, entrepreneurship, and impact-focused roles, she possesses deep expertise in scaling sustainable business models and fostering early-stage ventures. Ms. Manna has held c-level positions for a decade and has made significant contributions in audit, mergers & acquisitions, equity research, and corporate finance. A lifelong learner, she's committed to fueling economic growth and sustainability through her diverse roles and initiatives.

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Mr. Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh

RJAA & Arab Wings Vice Chairman & CEO

Combining diverse leadership experiences across aviation and entrepreneurship Mr. Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh is an influential figure in the Jordanian business landscape. He currently serves as the Vice Chairman and CEO of Royal Jordanian Air Academy and Arab Wings, alongside multiple board memberships. His stewardship of the MMAG Foundation showcases his commitment to community engagement and the arts.

RJAA and Arab Wings
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Col. Bassem Alnegresh

Chief of ATC and Navigation branch at Royal Jordanian Airforce

Royal Jordanian Airforce
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Eng. Lama Arabiat

Head of Artificial Intelligence at MODEE

Eng. Lama Arabiat is the Head of Artificial Intelligence at Jordan's Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship. She is a key figure in Jordan's digital transformation, leading the establishment of the country's AI ecosystem and promoting the adoption of AI technologies nationwide. Eng. Arabiat oversees the National AI Strategy and actively participates in committees and boards related to AI and data science. She represents Jordan in the AI Arabic Working Team and the UNESCO Intergovernmental Special Committee, contributing to the ethical and future development of AI in the region. Her strategic insights drive the use of AI for the digital economy and empower public sectors in Jordan and beyond.

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Capt. Haitham Misto

CARC Chief Commissioner & CEO

A seasoned aviation professional, Capt. Haitham Misto harnesses over three decades of experience to his role as Chief Commissioner and CEO of the Jordanian Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission. Having accumulated over 17,000 hours of flight time on various aircrafts, his illustrious career has seen him serve as President and CEO of Royal Jordanian Airline and Chairman of Royal Wings Airlines. A fervent believer in continual learning, he holds an MBA in Aviation Management from Maastricht School of Management.

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Prof. Ismael Al Hinti

HTU President

Prof. Ismail Al-Hinti, President of Al Hussein Technical University, is a distinguished academic, entrepreneur, and energy expert with over 20 years of experience. Equipped with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University Belfast, UK, his extensive research is reflected in over 35 papers published in international energy journals. As a co-founder of ETA-max Energy and Environmental Solutions, he led substantial grid-connected and off-grid solar photovoltaic projects in Jordan. Notably, Prof. Al-Hinti is an authorized trainer for the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and was honored as a "Legend in Energy" in 2016.

Al-Hussein Technical University
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Mr. Samir Talhouni

Sager Drone Co-Founder

Mr. Samir Talhouni is the co-founder of Sager Drone, and a seasoned entrepreneur with a rich portfolio spanning various sectors such as logistics, renewable energy, technology, and consulting. His vast expertise in business development is marked by the successful leadership of large-scale projects across the MENA region, aggregating a value exceeding $1 billion. Combining robust determination with strategic foresight, Samir continues to drive innovation and impact through his multiple ventures.

Sager Drone
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Mr. Mohammad Abbas​

Fresh Del Monte EVP and COO

As an agribusiness industry leader with 20+ years of experience, Mr. Mohammad Abbas stands at the forefront of global market commercialization and value-added manufacturing. Known for his strategic innovation and commitment to environmental stewardship, he currently serves as the EVP and COO of Fresh Del Monte. Beyond his role, Mr. Mohammad is a thought leader and mentor, guiding the next generation of agribusiness professionals.

Fresh Del Monte
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Lt. Col. Dr. Osama Almana'sa

Head of the Legislation and Legal Consultation Division at the Directorate of Military Justice

Lt. Col. Dr. Osama Almana'sa currently serves as the Head of the Legislation and Legal Consultation Division at the Directorate of Military Justice. With a doctorate in International Law and International Humanitarian Law, he brings a wealth of legal expertise and leadership to his role. As a judge, legal consultant, and legislation expert, Dr. Almana'sa provides strategic guidance and counsel in navigating complex military legal systems.

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Mr. Mohammad Jaber

DSV Abu Dhabi COO

Mohammad Jaber holds the position of Managing Director for DSV Air & Sea and COO of DSV Solutions in Abu Dhabi. With an impressive 22-year career in the logistics and transportation industry, his expertise spans capital project logistics, the oil and gas sector, chemicals, marine services, agricultural logistics, pharma, and defense. After a successful stint with Agility Abu Dhabi as Chief Operating Officer, he transitioned to DSV following its acquisition of Agility’s Global Integrated Logistics in 2021. His contribution to the industry has been recognized with a listing among the top 10 COOs in the Middle East by CEO Insight Magazine in 2022.

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Mr. Nidal Bitar

Intaj CEO

Mr. Nidal Bitar, an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience, currently serves as the CEO of the ICT Association of Jordan (int@j). His rich professional journey spans diverse areas such as information technology, human capital development, strategic execution, and entrepreneurship. He has held leadership roles in several private sector organizations, including SCOPI, Optimiza Academy, and BT Applied Technology. Nidal sits on the Board of Trustees of Tafila Technical University and holds numerous advisory positions across a range of organizations. He possesses a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts and holds multiple internationally recognized certificates. His continuous pursuit of knowledge is reflected in his mentorship role at the Mowgli Foundation.

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Mr. Manaf Asfour

Partner at Propeller Inc.

Manaf Asfour is a Partner at Propeller Inc., a leading venture capital firm based in Jordan, where he leverages his deep knowledge of corporate finance and tech startups to drive investments in the Middle East. Prior to joining Propeller, Manaf held key roles at AB Invest and Royal Jordanian Airlines, before launching his own IoT startup in Madrid. He holds an MBA from IE Business School and a B.A. in Finance and Investment Management from the University of Jordan.

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Ms. Anwaar Al Hinai


Anwaar Al Hinai is the co-founder and CEO of SERB, a leading company revolutionizing drone operations with innovative solutions. A visionary committed to ensuring safe and efficient drone ecosystems, she brings academic depth to her role, holding a Master's degree project designing UTM systems from Keio University, Japan.

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Mr. Amer Silwani

KBW Senior Technical Analyst

Mr. Amer Silwani, a Senior Technical Analyst at KBW, is a renowned computer and electronics engineer with an illustrious career focused on technology consultation and the modernization of public services. He has spearheaded numerous projects aimed at enhancing Jordanians' lifestyle, including a national-level energy-saving initiative that supports municipalities in reducing electricity consumption. Before joining KBW, Silwani spent 15 years at Microsoft, where he managed technology enablement across various sectors in Saudi Arabia. His career also includes pioneering work with Inovix, now Visionaize, which specializes in reverse engineering plants and refineries.

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Dr. Cpt. Mohammad Khawaldeh​

RJAA Director General

With an illustrious career spanning over 58 years in the aviation sector, Dr. Cpt. Mohammad Khawaldeh currently serves as the Director General of the Royal Jordanian Air Academy. His journey began as a Fighter Pilot, and over the years, he commanded several key positions including Squadron and Wing Commander, Air Base Commander, and Royal Jordanian Air Force Director of Training. Today, he holds board positions in multiple prestigious institutions such as the Morocco Aviation Private Academy and the Arab Wings Company. Amidst these responsibilities, Dr. Khawaldeh pursued academic excellence, earning a Ph.D. in Management from The World Islamic Science and Education University, Jordan.

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Ms. Ghadeer Khuffash


Ms. Ghadeer Khuffash, CEO of Education for Employment-Jordan (EFE-Jordan), is a steadfast advocate for workforce development and women's rights. Since 2014, she has been leading EFE-Jordan's efforts in providing youth with demand-driven technical programs and connections to income-generating opportunities. Her commitment to empowering youth to fulfill their potential continues to leave an indelible impact.

Education for Employment EFE
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Col. Mohammed Al Yamani

Commander, Prince Hussein ISR Wing

Commander of the Prince Hussein ISR Wing, Col. Mohammed H. Alyamani, is a testament to dedication and leadership in the Royal Jordanian Air Force. With over 3,800 hours of flight time on various aircraft, his expertise has been instrumental in several regional combat operations. His guidance continues to shape the future of the nation's defense industry.

Prince Hussein ISR Wing
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Eng. Rateb Abu Al Ragheb

Head of Sales & Business Strategy Department at JODDB

Head of Sales & Business Strategy Department at JODDB, Eng. Rateb Assad Abu Al Ragheb, is a leader known for his strategic foresight and business acumen. With a rich career spanning 18 years, he has leveraged his skills in managing investments, project management, and commercial strategy to foster business growth and innovation in various industries.

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Ala'aldin Khawajah

Head of Sager Academy

Ala’aldin Khawajah, The Head of the Sager Academy, is a passionate aeronautical engineer with extensive experience in training, aviation, and quality & safety management. Ala’aldin has developed outstanding technical and leadership skills through his unique experience with large-scale aircraft such as the Airbus and continues to aim higher with the pursuit of his MBA in Innovative Leadership & Entrepreneurship.

Sager Drone
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Gen. Ret. Eng. Hussam Haddad

Defense Industries General Manager at JIAC&DI company - RJAF

Gen. Ret. Eng. Hussam Haddad brings a wealth of technical expertise and leadership in avionics, computer engineering, UAV, and flight simulator operation and maintenance. Currently serving as the Defense Industries General Manager at JIAC&DI company - RJAF, his distinguished career includes influential roles as a board advisor for LSS Company, board member at JIAC company, and leading various committees for major aviation projects. His experience in direct commercial contract management and foreign military sales further cements his prominent standing in the field.

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Mr. Malik Alnabhani

SERB COO & Co-founder

Mr. Malik Alnabhani, the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of SERB, is a seasoned entrepreneur and strategic business visionary. With over nine years of experience in operational management and venture capital, his expertise has been instrumental in positioning SERB as a leading provider of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) solutions. Alnabhani's blend of technical acumen and strategic leadership continues to propel the company's growth in the dynamic UAV industry.

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Mr. Robert McClure

Founder and CEO of Sequrest

Mr. Robert McClure, Founder and CEO of Sequrest, is an influential figure in the global defence technology space. Leveraging his decade-long experience and qualifications as a NATO Staff Officer in Electronic Warfare, McClure has been pivotal in developing innovative solutions in counter UAS, signature management, and electronic warfare. His dedication to military and defence innovation continues to shape the future of drone evolution and defence technology.

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Prof. Mike Jabarin

CEO & Founder of Virtual Modern Academy for Training & Development

Mike Jabarin is a highly accomplished technology leader and innovator with a diverse range of experience in the digital technology industry. With a passion for driving technological advancements and promoting digital transformation, he has made significant contributions in various executive, academic, and entrepreneurial roles.Currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Owner & Founder of Virtual Modern Academy - VMA, Amman, Jordan, further showcasing his entrepreneurial drive and commitment to educational innovation.

Virtual Modern Academy